We are a small business that covers a wide range of professional training services nationally and globally to the public and private sectors to help our clients attain their linguistic needs and enhance work readiness skills. Professionals run ML World with ten years of teaching, testing, and administering extensive experience. Our Instructors are experts in the field they teach.

Our organization customizes student-centered learning with cross-cultural and communicative training that fits our clients' needs. Our services include online training, consulting, testing, ESL, workforce training, translations, and interpretations.

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Our team is the cornerstone of providing top-quality training services to our clients; the team strives to hand-pick experts in various fields, from linguistic training to workforce readiness, testing, translations, and interpretations.

Our Team

We're on a mission to change how the professional training and workforce market works. Rather than offering one service or another, we want to combine as many and equip our clients with the tools they need to attain their professional goals. We aim to tailor-fit our clients with the perfect program that fits their needs.

Our organization is committed to providing quality training services to our customers; our dedicated subject matter experts will walk clients through the program of their interest. That is why we try our best to cater to our clients as soon as they reach out to us.

Our Mission

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